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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carolina Beach ABC store expanding!

For those who live outside of North Carolina, it must seem quaint that liquor is only sold in stores run by the state. But Tar Heel drinkers are used to ABC Stores, those utilitarian booze depots administered by Alcohol Beverage Control.

Good news for vacationers this summer. The ABC Commission is in the process of doubling the size of its store in Carolina Beach. That's right -- twice as much rum, Jack, Absolut and Tanqueray.

The current parking lot is being ripped up as I write this. While the present store remains open in its Lilliputian 2,700 square foot space, the new store will emerge like a giant, taking up 6,100 square feet.

Construction is scheduled to be finished by July. Let's cross our fingers for that, and for the promised improved landscaping around the new building. The old one was about as inviting as a date with Nadya Suleman.

Remember folks: It is illegal to buy booze (beer and wine included) between midnight and noon each Sunday.

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