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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New places to eat for 2009 season

Can Carolina Beach take all this excitement? First it announces that the ABC Store is doubling in size, then we hear about a Brew Thru opening at a place conveniently located right before the central business district (but on the left side heading into town).

New restaurants are popping up as well. Havana's will open in the space formerly occupied by The Cottage Restaurant. Actually a lot businesses have occupied this space, located at the corner of Lake Park and Cape Fear. The structure was built nearly a century ago for a businessman (back then he might be called a tycoon, or a robber barron) who worked for the New Hanover Transit Authority, the primary developer of Carolina Beach.

The building has also had turns as the Ogburn House, The June Inn (1948-81), The Cottage, and most recently, the short-lived and not-so-lamented Zorba’s. Havana's opens next week.

Tangerine Caribbean Grill is also getting some buzz, and you can't miss it -- the big orange building taking up a large lot near the marina, but still on the main road (North Lake Park Blvd).

Harbor Masters, at 315 Canal Drive, is also fairly new and is eager to please. It's changed its young menu a few times already but offers decent specials.

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