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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kure Beach Bocce Ball Court Opening In Time For Summer Rush

Just when you thought the Cape Fear area couldn't get more fun, in comes this long overdue announcement:

"Come be a guest of the Kure Beach Parks and Recreation Committee for a dedication ceremony of the new Bocce Ball Court at Joe Eakes Park.

The ceremony will take place this Saturday, May 30th at noon. Attending will be Kure Beach Commissioners, County Commissioners and lots of enthusiastic bocce ball players anxiously awaiting the official start of the bocce ball season in Kure Beach.

Joe Eakes Park is located on K Avenue at the corner of 7th Street in Kure Beach."

Bocce is from the Italian for "bowl" and has been popular in Europe since ancient times. The game has been transplanted overseas and is common in various areas in the US. The game is played on an outdoor court with multiple, colored balls. Players take turns throwing a smaller ball after which they bowl the larger ones as close to the smaller one as possible. The sport is much like curling, the game played on ice and made popular in the last few Olympics.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carolina Beach boardwalk is hoppin' in 2009

The Carolina Beach boardwalk is on its way to going from the outhouse to the penthouse. Check out all the action this summer here. Music, rides, bingo, family night, fun, fun, fun. Best of all, it's all FREE (except bingo).

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rip Van Winkle syndrome?

There's so much new on our small island, it feels almost like we woke up from a nap in 1980.

Here are just a few recent events and additions to grace Carolina Beach and Kure Beach

> Carolina Beach was one of 12 municipalities across the state to get a bicycle and pedestrian planning grant from the DOT. Last week, the N.C. Board of Transportation awarded $315,850 to 12 municipalities for bicycle and pedestrian planning. Carolina Beach gets $20,000.
> The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher introduces an albino alligator on May 29.
> The new Kure Beach Boardwalk will be completed by Memorial Day.
> The Carolina Beach Boardwalk is undergoing a facelift that includes amusements for the summer. Indeed, rides are already being installed.
> New(ish) restaurants include Havana's Fresh Island Seafood, Harbor Masters, The Dive, The Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar, and Tangerine Caribbean Grill.
> A Brew-Thru opened recently and we're awaiting a new (and larger) ABC Store.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of the country's oldest beach music festivals comes to Carolina Beach June 6

Carolina Beach is the cradle of beach music, and on Saturday, June 6, the town comes alive with its distinct tunes and rollicking dances with the 24th annual Carolina Beach Beach Music Festival. The all-day event features five of the best beach music bands in the south, including Jim Quick and Coastline Band, Sammy O'Banion with Mardi Gras, Holiday Band, Craig Woolard Band, and Mark Roberts & Breeze.

Tickets are $10 in advance (visit here to buy stubs) and $15 at the door. Beer and soft drinks will be available for purchase. No coolers and no pets, please.

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A trip to Carolina Beach State Park

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." -- Frank Lloyd Wright

Okay, ditch the cell phone, hide the Blackberry, and cancel all appointments. We're heading to Carolina Beach State Park today to walk in the unique maritime forest among long leaf pines, turkey oaks and live oaks. Behold the stately trees and look closely because wings are everywhere: there's a warbler ... and a finch ... do I hear a woodpecker? As we move closer to the shore we pass dense shrub swamps populated with loblolly, sweet bay and pond pines. Look! Up in the air … is that superman? No, it’s a pelican. The prehistoric looking brown bird thrives in this rich coastal environment. He must be between meals, taking time off from dive-bombing fish in the Atlantic.

The soil becomes boggy and muddies our shoes, but onward we march in search of that oxymoron of nature -- the carnivorous plant. Actually, there are several species in these parts, because they love the damp and acidic rich soil. There's a pitcher plant and a bladderwort, both of which trap and ingest various insects. But we are on the hunt for the spectacular Venus flytrap, and -- lo! -- there it is! Its leafy death trap is a deep green on the outside, and reddish inside with little hairs. Not too inviting for your basic arachnid.

Carolina Beach State Park is a great place for hiking, camping, and picnicking. It’s also a treat for the family pet, with wonderful well-marked trails. Be forewarned though, if your dog happens to be a hound with a healthy prey drive, like my Rhodesian Ridgeback, keep your eyes open. A deer or fox could walk by, and the dog might bolt after them. Please keep all dogs on leash in the park.